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Grow Green Wellness is a family-owned business founded in Caledonia, MI near Grand Rapids, MI that is run by a family of growers. All of our staff members grow plants in some capacity. Our online grow shop contains everything you need to grow strong, vibrant, and healthy plants. We sell indoor grow kits and grow tents, so you can start your indoor growing ventures. We also sell a variety of plant nutrients and growing accessories to make growing easier. We don't sell any fluff products. Everything on our shop has a real use and our team loves and uses all of the products we sell. We think you're going to love these grow products as much as we do.

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There are so many different ways to grow plants and so many different varieties of plants that can be grown. Our shop caters to all growers, no matter their background or interests. We sell to commercial and professional growers, as well as, home and hobby growers. Our products can be used for indoor growing, outdoor growing, hydroponic growing, soil growing, coco growing, and more. We include use directions by growing method when applicable for all of our plant nutrients. Our products have been used to grow all kinds of plants from vegetables to fruits, various cannabis strains (marijuana and hemp), flowers, landscape foliage and more. If it's a plant, we can help you grow it.

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