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Blue Lab pH & Conductivity Probe Care Kit

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The BlueLab pH & Conductivity Care Kit

The BlueLab pH & Conductivity Care Kit is an essential for keeping your Blue Lab Meters in great working shape. Plants need a well rounded diet just like humans, but without the correct amount of nutrients they are suseptible to nutrient burn or deficiency. If a plant recieves too much or too little nutrient, you could be wasting expensive nutrients while at the same time damaging your plants. Your Blue Lab Conductivity & pH Pens are the best way to determine how much nutrients your plant is receiving? That's why making sure they are in top working condition a priority!  There is no better way to care for your pen then to clean your probes regularly. Blue Lab has created specific care kits to assist you with this everyday task.

Please note that this is a care kit - probe not included. 

Your Probe Kit contains:

  • Probe Care instructions
  • 20 ml single-use Bluelab Solution Sachets - two each of: pH 7.0, pH 4.0, KCl and 2.77 EC standard solution 
  • Bluelab pH Probe Cleaner 
  • Bluelab Conductivity Probe Cleaner
  • Three plastic cups 
  • Toothbrush for cleaning your pH probe
  • Chamois for cleaning your conductivity probe 

Why Choose a Bluelab pH & Conductivity Care Kit?

  • Designed for Grower Environments
  • Used by growers all over the globe
  • Compact & easy to store
  • Helps keep your pen working accurately
  • Protects your Blue Lab Conductivity Pen Investment

How to Use BlueLab pH & Conductivity PPM Pen Care Kit:

Note: Calibration of the unit is not required.  The pen is factory calibrated.  Calibration instructions are listed in the user manual inlcuded with the pen. 

To Operate: 

Caring for probes:
Nutrient salts build up on the probe face over time. Regular cleaning removes the
build up of salts and ensures accuracy of the readings. Accurate readings make it
easier to monitor the strength of your nutrient solution and improve the growth of your

PPM Pen Daily Care Steps:

  • Keep the shroud on the probe at all times, except when cleaning.
  • Avoid touching the probe face, the oils from your fingers will contaminate the probe.
  • Rinse the probe head in fresh tap water after every use to reduce nutrient build up.
  • Clean and test your conductivity probe every 30 days.
  • Clean the probe with a liquid scourer cream used in home bathrooms and kitchens (such as soft scrub).
  • Never use scented varieties of cleaner as they contain oils that contaminate the probe face.
  • Calibration is not required for Bluelab conductivity products. They are factory calibrated, so only require cleaning and testing.
  • The Bluelab EC pen can be calibrated, instructions are on the back of the meter. Clean the probe first!

PPM Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Remove shroud. For the Bluelab Truncheon® Meter (V2): Twist the shroud 90 degrees and then remove the shroud. For all Bluelab Conductivity/Temperature Probes and Bluelab Truncheon® Meter (V1): Warm the shroud in your hand for a few seconds to help with removal. Hold the body and pull the shroud off.
  2. Clean the conductivity probe face. Place one or two drops of Bluelab Conductivity Probe Cleaner onto the probe face and rub with the Bluelab Chamois or your finger firmly and vigorously.
  3. Rinse the conductivity probe face. Rinse off all traces of cleaner under running tap water whilescrubbing the probe face with the other side of the Bluelab
    Chamois or the same finger.
  4. Check that the water forms a smooth film on the
    probe face, without any beads of water. If you can see beads of water, repeat steps 2 & 3.
  5. Refit the shroud and test in 2.77 EC Conductivity
    Standard Solution to ensure cleaning was adequate. Place the probe tip into the solution, wait for the reading to stabilize to a constant value. This can take a few minutes while the probe adjusts to the temperature of the solution.
    Repeat the cleaning process if the reading given is not within 0.1 EC/1 CF of 2.8EC
    NOTE: The shroud MUST be left on the probe when taking readings.

pH Pen Daily Care Steps:

  • Always keep the probe tip wet. If it dries, it dies!
  • Rinse the pH probe tip in clean tap water between readings for accuracy.
  • Always place the storage cap back onto the pH probe after use. Ensure the cap
    contains enough Bluelab pH Probe KCl Storage Solution to cover the probe tip.
  • Clean and calibrate the pH probe every 30 days.
  • Hydrate the pH probe in KCl storage solution if the probe tip has not always
    been stored in KCl storage solution, to improve the reading response speed.
  • Only use plastic containers when cleaning, calibrating and/or hydrating.
  • Touching the glass bulb with your fi ngers will contaminate the glass.
  • Never plunge a cold probe into a hot liquid (or vice versa). Sudden temperature
    changes can permanently damage the probe.
  • Do not immerse in oils, proteins or suspended solids that will leave a coating
    on the glass bulb.
  • Never exert sideways force, drop or knock the pH probe, the glass will break.
  • Loosen the storage cap before removing or placing back onto the probe to
    avoid damage.

pH Pen Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Remove storage cap from pH/soil pH probe. Hold the top of the storage cap, twist the cap to loosen then remove.
  2. Rinse pH probe tip under fresh tap water.
    Never use RO (Reverse Osmosis), Distilled or De-ionized water.
  3. Fill a small plastic container with clean tap water.
    Add a small amount of Bluelab pH Probe Cleaner or mild detergent (dishwashing liquid).
  4. Gently stir the probe tip in the mixture. Ensure that you do not ‘knock’ the pH/soil pH probe on the side of the container as this may cause damage to the probe.
  5. If the probe tip requires removal of heavy contamination: Gently brush around the glassware with a few drops of Bluelab pH Probe Cleaner or mild detergent (dishwashing liquid) and a soft toothbrush.
    Note: if you need to hydrate the pH probe, soak probe tip for 24 hours in KCl storage solution before you calibrate.
  6. Rinse the probe tip well under fresh running tap water to remove
    all traces of the detergent mixture.
  7. Calibrate pH probe after cleaning, refer to the back of the meter.
    After calibration, store pH probe in the storage cap, ensuring there is enough KCl
    Storage Solution to cover the probe tip.

Why Buy BlueLab pH& Conductivity Care Kit From Grow Greenwellness?

All of the members of our staff at Grow Green Wellness are growers and we care deeply about our plants just as you probably do. We want to feed our plants the best possible nutrients and we want to provide you with the best possible nutrients as well. 

We research and vet all of the nutrients sold in our shop to ensure they are safe, effective, and consistent. You can take comfort knowing that anything you buy has already been rigorously tested. Buying from Grow Green Wellness means you’re buying some of the best grow products money can buy at some of the most affordable prices available online. 

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