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Click And Grow Wasabi Mustard

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1 Year Hassle-Free warranty for the garden system and a sprouting guarantee.


1 Year Hassle-Free warranty for the garden system and a sprouting guarantee.


Click and Grow Smart Garden Pods

Click and Grow Smart Garden Pods come in a variety of different fruits, vegtables, herbs and flowers. The Click and Grow Smart Garden System is like a pod coffee system but with plants instead of coffee!  The pods are easy to use in conjunction with your smart garden and offer an easy way to experience all the benefits of home grown food or plants in a convenient indoor garden system.  We know you won't be disappointed with the ease of growing fruits, vegetables and herbs right on your countertop!   You can grow your own organic and pesticide free plants with ease. 

Wasabi Mustard Pod

The Wasabi Mustard Garden Pod lets you grow this leafy light green serrated leaves also commonly referred to as a wasabina that has incredible benefits for your health. This interesting leaf is similiar to the bite you experience when you eat wasabiroot. Wasabi Mustard greens can be eaten raw, put in stir fry, pickled or braised. It can also be added to salads, sandwiches juices and more and is an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants.  This light green leaf is high in Vitamins A, B and C. It grows easily and is a great addition to almost any meal. Sold in a 3 pod pack, you can grow one pod along with a variety of other pods including other vegetables or herbs. The smart soil is inspired by Nasa technology and is the perfect environment for your Green Lettuce to thrive. Your smart garden offers a variety of different plant pods including fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers in  biodegradable pods that have all the seeds and nutrients you will need to grow with success. 

The indoor garden system has a perfectly calibrated light with a timer and lamp extensions that are used to raise the lamp when plants reach the light.  There is also an automated watering system and a unit that enables you to hide the cord for a sleek look.  Available in two neutral colors (grey or white) to match your home. The Click and Grow Smart Garden is a pod system that includes all  the fixings for the perfect carefree indoor garden. It looks great, is sleek and the system allows you to grow organic pesticide free veggies and fruits or you can choose flowers to enjoy all year round! 

Benefits Of Your Click And Grow:

  • Pods Provide the exact amount of nutrients and oxygen for healthy plants 
  • Automatic watering
  • The perfect pH-level
  • No pesticide, fungicides, hormones or harmful substances
  • The perfect amount of garden lighting
  • Grow your own fruits and veggies all year
  • Sprouting guarantee

Wasabi Mustard Plant Pod Specifics:

  • Sprouts in 7 - 14 days
  • Lasts 5 to 6  weeks
  • Grows best at 64 °F75 °F
  • No thinning required, just let grow.
  • Wasabi mustard is a heat sensitive plant that germinates faster and produces more growth if grown at 64 to 72 °F (18 to 22°C). If the temperature is higher than 75°F (24°C) then germination is inhibited and plants tend to bolt.
  • Start harvesting individual leaves for approximately 3 to 4 weeks planting, by removing the outer largest leaves first and leaving the inside of the plant mass to continue to grow.
  • We recommend harvesting the whole pod at once, approximately 30 to 35 days after planting.
  • As the plant matures the leaves on the Wasabi Mustard plant will develop a stronger more pungent taste. 
  • Harvest before 6 weeks  before the plant ages.

Why Purchase Click and Grow Smart Garden Pod from Grow Green Wellness?

All of the members of our staff at Grow Green Wellness are growers and we care deeply about our plants just as you probably do. We want to feed our plants the best possible nutrients and we want to provide you with the best possible nutrients as well. 

We research and vet all of the nutrients sold in our shop to ensure they are safe, effective, and consistent. You can take comfort knowing that anything you buy has already been rigorously tested. Buying a Smart Garden Click and Grow from Grow Green Wellness means you’re buying one of the best indoor garden kits money can buy at some of the most affordable prices available online. 

In addition to competitive pricing and product quality, we offer fast shipping and unrivaled support. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about Smart Garden Click and Grow products.

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