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Highdrogro Stash Box 2.0 Grow Tent Kit

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Highdrogro Stash Box 2.0 Grow Tent Kit

Our Highdrogro Stash Box 2.0 grow tent kit is perfect for you if you’re new to growing or looking to grow cannabis or vegetables as a side hobby. The tent kit includes EVERYTHING you need to start growing from LED lighting to ventilation. The tent can comfortably hold two to three full sized plants. The Stash Box tent is compact enough to fit into small spaces within your home. You can turn pockets of unused space into grow spaces for cultivating plants that you can use and enjoy. The tent is easy to set up and can be fully installed in under 15 minutes. 

Grow Tent Details

Highdrogro grow tents are some of the best tents on the market in-terms of both quality and affordability. The poles are rust resilient, the zippers are industrial grade, and the tent fabric is three layers thick. Sure you can finder "cheaper tents but they won't offer you the qualty your Highdrogro tent can. You can be confident your Highdrogro tent is going to work well and last a lifetime. The full tent details can be found below.

  • Grow capacity: 2-3 full sized plants
  • Dimensions: 3’2” x 2’ x 5’5” (96 x 62 x 168 cm)
  • Tent fabric: 3 bonded layers. Outer canvas 600D light density
  • Black PEVA vinyl center, low gloss white PEVA vinyl interior
  • Pole diameter: 16mm
  • Pole material: White powder coated (rust resistant) steel
  • Door quantity: 1
  • Window quantity: 3 (front and both sides)
  • Venting: 3ea 6” x 12” (Velcro sealed)
  • Ducting port at tent ceiling
  • Electrical port quantity: 2 (3”)
  • Removable inner spill tray
  • Industrial heavy duty zippers (designed for light elimination)

Grow Tent Kit Content

The Highdrogro Stash Box 2.0 grow kit includes all the essentials you’ll need to start growing without any non-essential add-ons packed in. You’ll have the grow lights you’ll need for full spectrum growing, carbon filters to remove odor during the flowering period, fans to manage excess humidity and heat, a temperature monitor to track temperature, and a timer to control it all. Everything included with the grow kit can be found below.

  • 3’2” x 2’ x 5’5” grow tent
  • 3′ T8 LED Fixtures (3’ x 2’) with 6 bulbs designed for full spectrum growing from Germination through Flowering
  • 8” Carbon Filters w/4” neck. – Removes virtually all odor during flowering period
  • Ultra quiet 4” Inline fans draws 158CFM
  • Humidity / Temperature monitor – big numbers, easy for viewing through the windows
  • Timer – essential for controlling your garden
  • Quiet 6” Fan for circulation

The Importance Of A Ventilation System For Grow Tents

If you purchase our Highdrogro Stash Box 2.0 grow kit, you’ll have everything you’ll need to set up a proper ventilation system. Ventilation for tents is crucial to growing success. Ventilation provides a breathing system for plants with fresh air coming in and waste air flowing out. Ventilation also removes unwanted heat and humidity to maintain the perfect growing climate. Moreover, the Stash Box ventilation system also removes unwanted odors to prevent your tent and home from smelling. 

Hydroponic Vs. Soil Growing

The Highdrogro Stash Box tent can support both hydroponic and soil growing. There are many benefits to hydroponic growing. Hydroponic systems use less water, decrease harvest time, and provide cleaner growing conditions. If you’re new to growing, it’s often easier to start with soil growing first to get the hang of growing. We’d recommend growing a few plants with soil before switching to hydroponic growing if hydroponic growing is something that interests you. 

What Can Be Grown In A Grow Tent?

Our indoor grow tents are primarily used for growing cannabis (marijuana and hemp), but that certainly isn’t the only thing you can grow in a grow tent. The enclosed environment can allow many different plants and vegetables to flourish. You don’t have to worry about light or temperature fluctuations and you can keep pests out. If you have unused space in a closet or a corner of your garage, you could be using a Highdrogro grow tent to grow tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, peppers, ginger, onions, beets, lettuce, spinach, kale, mint, rosemary, basil, parsley, and more.



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