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Nature's Nectar Calcium-Magnesium 1-0-1

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Nature’s Nectar Calcium-Magnesium

Nature’s Nectar Calcium-Magnesium supplements can help your plants reach new heights. Calcium and magnesium aid in improving the photosynthesis process in plants, which can strengthen the structure of plants and promote strong growth. Cal mag will provide your garden with incredible growth and flower production throughout veg and bloom. 

The emulsion is completely natural and will not harm your plants in any way. It is derived from kelp extract, soy protein hydrolysate, magnesium sulfate, calcium carbonate, and potassium sulfate. In addition to calcium and magnesium, the supplement also contains biostimulants and growth promoters such as amino and humic acids. 

Natural Vs. Synthetic Supplements

Nature’s Nectar Calcium-Magnesium is an all-natural plant supplement as opposed to a synthetic cal mag supplement. Organic calmag from Nature’s Nectar contains similar levels of calcium and magnesium when compared to synthetic alternatives. Growers often report better results with an organic product as well. Not to mention, synthetic cal mag supplements can destroy microbe colonies. For healthy plant growth, it’s much better to use a natural and organic product. 

How To Use Nature’s Nectar Calcium-Magnesium Emulsion

Application of the calcium-magnesium emulsion is going to vary depending on what method you’re using to grow and feed your plants. Regardless of the growing method you use, you’ll want to make sure you shake the bottle of cal mag well before each use. 

Hydroponic, Drip Irrigation, & Coco Use Directions

For hydroponic growing, drip irrigation, and coco gardening, you’ll want to use 2 to 10 teaspoons of calcium-magnesium for every gallon of water used. You’ll want to make sure you change out your water reservoir every week for best results. 

Soil Use Directions

Use directions for soil growing are similar to directions above. You’ll use the same ratio of 2 to 10 teaspoons of calcium-magnesium for every gallon of water used. This mix can be applied twice a week. 

Foliar Application

If you use foliar application to feed your plants, you’ll want to mix 1ml of calcium-magnesium for every litre of water and mist plant leaves once a week with the mixture. 

Why Choose Grow Green Wellness For CalMag Plant Supplements

You want the best for your plants and we do too. All of our products at Grow Green Wellness are thoroughly researched and vetted for quality, safety, and consistency. You can shop on the Grow Green Wellness store with confidence knowing that all of our growing nutrients and accessories are some of the best on the market. 

In addition to offering exceptional products, Grow Green Wellness also offers unrivaled customer support. Our staff is here to help if you have any questions about our calcium-magnesium emulsion or any of our other grow products. Not sure what nutrients your plants need? We’d be more than happy to assist you. 

More Nutrients To Consider

Nature’s Nectar Calcium-Magnesium plant supplements are compatible with all fertilizers and can be paired with other plant supplements. If strong and healthy growth is your goal, there are additional nutrient supplements you’ll likely want to consider. Additional plant nutrient products we sell include: 

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