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Organa ADD 2-0-0 1 Quart Bottle

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Organa ADD 2-0-0

Make your plants greener and stronger with Organa ADD 2-0-0. Organa ADD  is an amino acid bio-stimulate that can support plants at any stage in their growth cycle. The micronutrients that Organa ADD 2-0-0 can provide are essential for healthy plants. Organa ADD helps increase the absorption rates of nutrients and the production of essential oils in plants to help them withstand stress. It can also help to maximize fruiting and flowering.

Organa ADD is a combination of amino acids and organic chelates. Vitamins, hydrolyzed proteins, and organic chelates are combined together to create the heterocyclic compound. Organa ADD is safe and environmentally friendly. It does not leave any residue on plants and won’t clog drains, pumps, or emitters. 

If you want to grow top-shelf plants and fully maximize their potential, then Organa ADD is a must-have. 

A Nutrient Supplement (Not A Fertilizer Replacement)

It’s important to note that Organa ADD is a highly concentrated micronutrient. It supports plant vitality, but it is not designed to completely replace fertilizer. Instead, Organa ADD should be used in conjunction with fertilizer. 

How To Use Organa ADD 2-0-0

Usage of Organa ADD 2-0-0 will vary depending on your growing setup. Use directions for different grow types can be found below. 

Soil Use Directions

If you’re using Organa ADD for plants in a vegetative state or you’re using for general purposes, you’ll want to use 2ml of Organa ADD for every litre of water twice a week. If you’re Organa ADD for plants that are flowering or fruiting, you’ll want to use 4ml of Organa ADD for every litre of water twice a week.

Hydroponic Use Directions

For hydroponic growing, you’ll want to use .25 to .5ml of Organa ADD for every litre of water once a week, or with every feeding for the entire lifecycle of the plant.

Soilless & Coco Use Directions 

For coco or soilless growing, you’ll want to use 1 to 2ml of Organa ADD for every litre of water twice a week for the entire lifecycle of the plant. 

Foliar Applications

If you’re using foliar application for your plants, you can mix 1 to 2ml of Organa ADD into your water for every litre of water. You’ll want to mist your plants with the mixture once a week. 

Additional Products To Consider

Organa ADD 2-0-0 can not only be combined with fertilizer, but can also be combined with other nutrient supplements. You may want to consider adding the following supplements to your plants’ feeding programs as well:

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