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Organa Guano 0-4-0 1 Quart Bottle

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Organa Guano

Organa Guano by Nature’s Nectar is a natural organic flowering stimulant for plants. The stimulant is derived from the guano of fruit eating bats. The phosphorus that Organa Guano provides can stimulate flowering, enhance the plant aroma, improve plant taste, and increase the number of branch and flower sites on the plant. 

Organa guano is organic and all-natural. It will not leave any harmful residue or burn the plants in any way. It is completely safe and odorless. Guano can benefit a variety of different plants, including: cannabis, flowers, herbs, vegetables, ornamentals, fruit trees, and nut trees. If you’re interested in promoting the growth of healthy, large plants, then Organa Guano is for you. 

Liquid Vs. Powder Guano

Guano can come in liquid or powder form. Our Nature’s Nectar Organa Guano is in liquid form. Tests have shown that liquid guano is three times more cost effective than powder and is also more concentrated than powder as well. The liquid phosphorus that Organa Guano provides is more easily absorbed by plants. 

How To Use Organa Guano 0-4-0

While some nutrient supplements will vary in use depending on your growing setup, the application of Organa Guano will remain the same regardless of whether you’re hydroponic growing, soilless growing, or growing in soil. You’ll want to use 1 to 2ml of Organa Guano for every litre of water once a week.  

Why Choose Grow Green Wellness For All-Natural Guano

At Grow Green Wellness, we care about your plants as if they were our own. All of our products are carefully vetted and selected to ensure you’re getting a product that is safe, effective, and natural. We not only provide the best guano that money can buy, but we also offer unrivaled customer service and support. You can contact our staff at any time with questions and we will respond to you promptly. 

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