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Plant Success Myco Chum 16oz Bottle

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Plant Success Myco Chum

Looking for vigorous roots and plants? Myco Chum by Plant Success is your answer! Myco Chum is a premium organic microbial food that feeds soil microbes to enhance plant roots and ultimately enhance the plant as a result. Myco Chum provides macro and micro nutrients that are essential during the vegetative growth stage for plants. Myco Chum also provides the nutrients needed throughout the flowering phase as well. 

Use Directions For Plant Success Myco Chum

The application of Myco Chum will be the same regardless of how you’re growing. For a light feed, you’ll want to use 5ml of Myco Chum for every gallon of water. If you want a heavier feed, you can use up to 15ml of Myco Chum for every gallon of water. 

Why Buy Myco Chum From Grow Green Wellness?

All of the members of our staff at Grow Green Wellness are growers and we care deeply about our  plants just as you probably do. We want to feed our plants the best possible nutrients and we want to provide you with the best possible nutrients as well. 

We research and vet all of the nutrients sold in our shop to ensure they are safe, effective, and consistent. You can take comfort knowing that anything you buy has already been rigorously tested. Buying Myco Chum from Grow Green Wellness means you’re buying one of the best microbial plant foods money can buy at some of the most affordable prices available online. 

In addition to competitive pricing and product quality, we offer fast shipping and unrivaled support. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about Plant Success Myco Chum or growing. 


Myco Chum from Plant Success is made from all-natural, organic ingredients. 

  • Humic acids
  • Kelp
  • Molasses
  • Fish hydrolysate

Additional Plant Nutrients To Consider

Myco Chum can and should be combined with other nutrients to promote stronger and healthier plants. If you’re interested in taking your growing game to the next level, these would be additional nutrients to consider: 

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