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What Is An Indoor Grow Tent?

Depending on where you live, the climate in your area may not support the ability to grow fruits, vegetables, hemp, marijuana, and other various plants throughout the entire year. A grow tent (also known as a grow box) is a box-shaped tent specifically designed to grow plants indoors all year. 

While you could technically grow plants inside any type of tent, a grow tent is optimized specifically for growing, so plants grow faster and stronger inside of them. There are two main things that separate grow tents from other types of tents. First, grow tent frames are designed to support a significant amount of weight. This design allows things like lights and ventilation to be safely hung from the ceiling of the tent. Second, grow tent covers prevent light from leaking in on the outside while also reflecting light on the inside to provide plants with the optimal amount of light. 

If you want to grow plants throughout the entire year, a grow tent is something you should definitely consider. 

Why Would You Use An Indoor Grow Box?

Grow boxes are beneficial for many reasons. Many growers swear by grow tents because:

  • Grow tents create an isolated environment on the inside of the tent that is completely protected from the environment outside. This isolation allows growers to create a reliable and stable growing environment. Growers can control the temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide levels, and more to create the perfect conditions for plant growth.
  • The isolated environment grow tents create also protects your plants from insects and animals. You’ll no longer have to use pesticides or worry about animals eating your plants.
  • Grow tents allow growers to turn unused space into a fully-functioning garden. The extra space in your closet, living room, or garage could be producing fruits, vegetables, and more for you to enjoy. Grow tents are really beneficial for those who live in apartments or condos that don’t even have access to a backyard to grow plants outdoors in. Anyone can grow plants with the help of a grow tent.
  • Grow tents are more cost effective than building a grow room. The low cost makes it easy for those who are new to growing to try their hand at growing indoors without breaking the bank.
  • Grow tents offer portability. They can be easily broken down and rebuilt, so you can move your garden to different places within your house, or move your garden from house to house as needed. Wherever you go, your garden can travel with you.

How To Choose The Best Grow Tent For Your Needs

The best grow tent for you is going to depend on your needs. The biggest factor to consider when choosing a grow tent is size. You want a grow tent that’s going to fit wherever you intend to place it in your house. The first thing you want to do when shopping for a grow tent is to measure the space you plan to put the tent in. Once you have dimensions, you can search for grow tents that will fit that available space. 

The other thing to consider in regards to size is how big your plants will be when they’re fully grown. The size of your plants will determine how many plants you can grow in the space provided by the grow tent. If you want to increase the number of plants you can grow, you may need to look at a larger tent. Our Highdrogro Stash Box can comfortably fit two to three full-sized plants. Our Highdrogro Dream Box can fit five to six full-sized plants.


Canvas material would be the next thing to evaluate when shopping for a grow tent. All grow tent covers are designed to be light-proof, but some covers are stronger than others and will last longer. You don’t want your cover to tear, scuff, or puncture. A strong cover is especially useful if you plan to frequently relocate your tent. Our Highdrogro tents are built with industrial grade fabric and zippers. The tent cover is composed of three bonded layers of fabric for extra strength and durability. A grow tent from Grow Green Wellness is going to last a long time. 

There may be other unique factors to consider depending on your needs, but the two factors above are the most important factors for picking a grow tent that will work best for you. 

Where Is The Best Place To Setup An Indoor Grow Tent?

The beauty of a grow tent is that it can be set up virtually anywhere in your home where you have unused space. You could place a grow tent in your kitchen, basement, living room, bedroom, dining room, and more. There are only two things a location needs to support a tent. You’ll need access to electricity to power the equipment and you’ll need access to airflow to keep the air from growing stale in the tent. One of the best places you can put your grow tent is near a window, so that you can circulate fresh air from outside into the tent. 

Can Grow Tents Be Used Outdoors?

Grow tents can technically be used outdoors, but the purpose of a grow tent is to avoid growing outdoors. A grow tent placed outdoors will still provide an isolated growing environment that protects plants, but it can be harder to maintain and regulate the environment with outdoor temperatures. Outdoor weather conditions will also put more strain and stress on the tent cover, which could reduce the lifespan of your grow tent. We would highly recommend using your grow tent indoors. 

Why Buy A Grow Tent Kit From Grow Green Wellness?

The grow tent kits we sell at Grow Green Wellness are high-quality industrial grade tents. These tents will not only create the perfect growing environment for your plants, but they’ll also last a long time. Our grow box kits come with everything you need to start growing indoors (carbon filters, LED grow lights, humidity and temperature monitor, timer, and more) and they’re easy to set up. You can set up your grow tent kit in less than an hour. 

Have questions about our grow tents? Our support staff is here to help. You can contact us by calling 616-536-2041 or filling out an online contact form.